Best Interview Tips for SSC CGL Exam –

SSC (Staff Selection Commission) conducts Examination every year for various posts in different Departments. Selection Process is based on written exam but for some important Posts SSC organised Interview. There are many candidates who qualify the written exam (Tier I, Tier II) but in the last they get trapped and finally disqualify in the interview.  The main reason behind this is only the lack of sufficient guidance and strategy. Applicants only pay their attention to the preparation for written examination but never focus on interview. An applicant does not know how to face interview.

Once the results of SSC CGL Tier-2 declares interviews start with in a month.

To guide such candidates we talked to some applicants who recently successfully qualified their interview. They shared their experience with us. Some of the useful instructions for the preparation of the Interview are as follows:-

For best interview preparation we can divide it in 4 sections.

Conditional Interview: They just present a condition to you after that according to that condition they will begin questioning to you. Condition interviews are very general part of interview. Some of the general example they can put you that what you will take action on a worst situation. Situation will be linked to regarding post so just prepared for possible worst situation or problem connected to your job profile. You personal view will be most significant for such type of conditional interview. Give answer which will be more suitable & effective and easy to implement. They also can ask you about your previous experience.

Related Interview: In this method of interview, very general question will be asked related to recruited post. They only want to check your awareness about concerning post. They can also make query about you previous Job.

Pressurized interview: This is the main stage for examine your stress, pressure and sensitivity and tolerance level. Interviewer can provoke you after giving some bad explanations or tonts so don’t loose your patience. Just manage this stress and don’t you’re your tolerance. They will continuously trying to make uncomfortable situation for you. But if you have officer like quality then definitely you will able to manage these things. Try to controlling your emotions. As everybody knows that first impression is the last impression. The entire interview depends upon your first impression.

Important Note:-

  • Wear neat and clean dress.
  • After entering the room greet everyone according to time of day. Good Morning! or Good Evening!
  • Sit straight don’t look energized or panicky. Don’t shake your knees, tapping the floor, clasping your hands. All these activities show that you are worried.
  • In SSC interview you can decide that in which language you want to speak Hindi or English, in which you feel comfortable.
  • You should speak openly and loudly. Don’t roar or whisper. There is no need to be in rush.
  • Speak with interest and passion. You shouldn’t sound tedious by speaking. Your words have life and meaning.
  • When you speak to the interviewer, look into his/her eyes.
  • Focus to the interviewer when he speaks to you and listen cautiously what he/she says.
  • If you couldn’t understand any question appropriately, you have to say is-“could you please repeat the question?”
  • Also don’t disrupt him while he/she is speaking. Let him to complete his question before you give answer.
  • When you don’t know the answer to a question, be free and tell him so.
  • Try to give comprehensive answers. For example-Question: Where do you live? Answer: Delhi.
  • The answer is not complete in perspective of the interview. A better answer is- I live at Delhi
  • Be positive and optimistic in your outlook.
  • Once the interview finish, stand up and say thanks to the interviewer.

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