This Book is especially designed for those Applicants who have applied for Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) of Computer Science for Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test (HTET). It is best htet computer science study material.This Book contains Study Material such as Solved Test Papers and solved Previous Years Question Papers.

It is best htet study material.Those Question Papers and Test papers are based on latest Exam pattern. Applicants can practice those Question Papers and test papers for better preparation. Applicants can this best htet computer science study material for better score in htet exams.Detailed answers have also given for some selected questions. Candidates also find out some Questions of Computer Science, Child Development and pedagogy, Language-I (Hindi), Language-II(English).it is best htet study material available in the market.

Solved paper of PGT Computer Science Group (HTET)

[PART-I : 1 – 30]

1.  You can use the following C++ function to assign a value to a string variable

a) Assign

b) Strcpy

c) Copy

d) Strcopy

Ans. a) Assign

2.  Convert to Decimal (1011110)16

a) 65

b) DE

c) ED

d) 56

Ans. b) DE

Decimal value = 222 (No option given)    If statement changes from Decimal to Hexadecimal  then ans. : DE

3.  The interval from the time of submission of a process to the time ‘of completion is termed as

a) Waiting time

b) Turnaround time

c) Response time

d) Throughput

Ans. b) Turnaround time

4.  Which memory stores the values of variables?

a) SAM

b) ROM

c) RAM


Ans. c) RAM

5.  The function abort( ) is declared in the header file

a) <math.h>

b) <stdlib.h>

c) <iostream.h>

d) <stdio.h>

Ans. b) <stdlib.h>

6.  In C++, a function contained within a class is called

a) a member function

b) an operator

c) a class function

d) a friend function

Ans. a) a member function

7.  PUSH & POP are operation of





Ans. d) STACK

8.  Which one of the following is a valid identifier (in C)?

a) data1

b) 1data

c) exit

d) string

Ans. a) data1

9.  Structured program do not include

a) Loops

b) GOTO statements

c) DO-WHILE statements

d) All ofthe above

Ans. b) GOTO statements

10. Binary addition of 1010 and 1011 is equal to

a) 10101011

b) 10111010

c) 00010101

d) 10101000

Ans.  c) 00010101

11. Which file is a sequence of bytes organized into blocks understandable by the system’s linker?

a) Object file

b) Source file

c) Executable file

d) Text file

Ans. a) Object file

12. The operation which allows the combining of two relations by merging pairs of tuples,

one from each relation, into a single tuple

a) Select

b) Join

c) Union

d) Intersection

Ans. c) 10th

13.  Element array [9] is which element of the array?

a) 7th

b) 9th

c) 10th

d) 8th

Ans. c) 10th

14. TCP is used in

a) Transport layer

b) Internet layer

c) Network layer

d) Application layer

Ans. a) Transport layer

15. A digital signature is

a) A scanned signature

b) Signature in binary form

c) Encrypting information

d) Handwritten signature

Ans. b) Signature in binary form

16. One nibble consists

a) 1 byte

b) 4 bit

c) 2 bit

d) 6 bit

Ans.  b) 4 bit

17. An important aspect of coding is

a) Readability

b) Productivity

c) To use as small memory as possible

d) Brevity

Ans. a) Readability

18. The rules to any programming language are its

a) Syntax

b) Interpretation

c) Logic

d) Customs

Ans. a) Syntax

19. To access the services of as, the interface is provided by the

a) System cells

b) API

c) Library

d) Assembly instruction

Ans. b) API

20. CPU fetches the instruction from memory according to the value of

a) Program Counter

b) Status Register

c) Instruction Register

d) Program Status Word

Ans. a) Program Counter

21. The right shift operator is represented by

a) >

b) >>

c) ->

d) <

Ans.  b) >>

22. Constructor is used during

a) Creation of Class

b) Creation of Object

c) Destroying Class

d) Destroying an Object

Ans.  b) Creation of Object

23. A derived class may also be called a

a) Subclass

b) Super Class

c) Parent Class

d) Derived Class

Ans. a) Subclass

24. The method of access which uses key transformations is known as

a) Direct

b) Hash

c) Random

d) Sequentia

Ans. b) Hash

25. The logical data structure with a one-to-many relationship is a

a) Network

b) Tree

c) Chain

d) Relational

Ans.  b) Tree

26. Key to represent relationship between tables is called

a) Primary

b) Secondary

c) Foreign

d) Compound

Ans.  c) Foreign

27. C preprocessor can have compiler specific features

a) True

b) False

c) Depends on the standard

d) Depends on the platform

Ans.   a) True

28.  _______operator is used for appending two strings.

a) &

b) %

c) | |

d) _

Ans. a) &

29. The best form of coupling is

a) Complete

a) Tight

c) Loose

d) Free

Ans.  c) Loose

30. Full form of GSM is

a) Global Scientific Model

b) Global System for Mobile Communication

c) Globally Systematic Mobile Communication

d) None of the above

Ans. b) Global System for Mobile Communication

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  Dear Readers

                Here we are helping you by giving you some useful tips and trick to crack the HTET Exams. These tips and trick will be very beneficial for you in the Exam.

Prepare a Strategy:- The best way to clear any exam whether it is a HTET or any other govt exam is to make a proper  strategy and plan . You know it very well that there is a fix time limit  for every exam. For address this thing you have to do certain things like:-

  • First of all you have to develop a very good speed in solving questions.
  • Solve as much as questions  possible.
  • Now, select the easy section first which takes less time to answer.
  • Pick up easier questions and try to complete these questions as soon as possible.

            Try to avoid the section which takes little extra time like Reasoning or Maths section.  . Htet computer science study material

Now, You should have a good command over English and because English makes a big difference . If you have good command on English then you can complete this section in 10 to 15 minutes. Because Reasoning and Maths take little more time to solve. You should pick only those sections in which you are good. Aspirants should be good at reasoning and you must work on English section also. If your English is little weak try to improve it. Htet computer science study material

Study Time Allotment:- Preparing should be start six months earlier to any exam. If necessary take some couching etc. arrange all . Htet computer science study material in advance above given book is very helpful . Htet computer science study material try this for good result.The Applicants must focus on their weakness. And try to solve  as much practice sets as you can .

Tips for different Sections:- The Candidates must pay proper attention to each of the sections. For General Knowledge section, the Applicants need to keep themselves updated about current affairs which is happening around the world and having knowledge of static General Knowledge will be enough from the exam point of view. You must learn short cut methods and learn to identify the answers quickly. In English Section, Vocabulary is very important because it plays a very important role. The Candidates who have poor vocabulary are going to struggle in any Govt. Jobs  Exam . In Reasoning Section there are some questions which do not take much time to solve. Please check the Reasoning Syllabus and practice it again and again. For General Knowledge Section please make a habit to read newspaper and magazines daily. It is a fundamental part of any jobs exam.

Capabilities of Applicants:-  You must be good and fast at calculations and up to date in current affairs, knowledge of English. Math and Reasoning can still be learnt. The Applicants must have computer knowledge also because it is the most essential part of any jobs. Computer syllabus is not very vast and easy to solve the questions. It is not more time consuming. You should make a plan for studies.

Success Mantra:- Managing time is the best way for students to get succeed. By managing your time, other commitments can be fulfilled and you can study without distractions. Make your action plan for the week and stick to it. This will help you in studies and deal with your other responsibilities in the best way. . Htet computer science study material

                                You need to balance time. A time table should be arranged each week. It is the best to keep up with your work. You should be prepared to spend at least 2 or 3 hours every day reading books and notes and gathering information. List all your activities on a piece of paper. How much time do you spend on average, completing studying? Studying is a big commitment and needs time to work on it.

                                If you are bad at balancing things make a personal time table for any exam. This is a better way to do every thing each day and the end of the week. You should be aware of all current affairs. To stop yourself from getting stressed and overloaded with work and try to organize time for your study. Balancing study and other aspects of your life set aside time specifically for each subject. Try to study one subject a day. Htet computer science study material.


HTET is a must eligibility for appointment as a teacher or Lecturer in any of the schools recognized by the Department of School Education, Haryana and affiliated by the Board of School Education, Haryana . HTET is made mandatory to ensure that persons recruited as teachers possess the essential aptitude and ability to meet the challenges of teaching at Elementary, Secondary and Senior Secondary levels.

In the year 2008, the Board was notified as examining body for the conduct of HTET exam by the Haryana Government and thereafter the Board started conducting this HTET .Since than Haryana Board is conducting HTET exam till date.


In accordance with the provisions made in the Service Rules of various categories of teaching staff in the State of Haryana, RTE Act, 2009 and guidelines framed by the NCTE, HTET shall apply toi) Schools of the State Government / Local authority referred to in the Service Rules and also Sub-clause (i) of clause (n) of Section 2 of the RTE Act, 2009; andii) Schools referred to in Sub clause (ii) of clause (n) of the RTE Act in Haryana.

Provided a School referred to in Sub-clause (iv) of clause (n) of Section 2 of the RTE Act may, for the purpose of Elementary levels, exercise the option of considering either this HTET or the TET conducted by the Central Government.

Eligibility for HTET

All aspiring candidates who posses minimum educational qualifications etc. as prescribed by the Department of School Education, Government of Haryana are eligible to take this eligibility test. This will be for three categories:-

  • Candidates who intents to be a teacher for classes I to V and fulfills the minimum qualification.
  • Candidates who intents to be a teacher for classes VI to VIII and fulfills the minimum qualification.
  • Candidates who intents to be a lecturer for classes IX to XII and fulfills the minimum qualification.

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